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palynomorphs from northwestern Colorado
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Palynology -- Colorado., Paleobotany -- Cretaceous., Paleobotany -- Paleo
Other titlesPalynomorphs from northwestern Colorado.
Statementby Karl R. Newman.
SeriesUniversity of Colorado studies -- no. 2.
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Get this from a library. Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene guide: palynomorphs from northwestern Colorado. [Karl Robert Newman]. Sloan, R.E.,Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene sequence, Bug Creek area, northeastern Montana, in Beus, S.S., ed., Centennial Field Guide Volume 2: Rocky Mountain Section of the Geological Society of America, p.

Availability Out of print. Check Digital access Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene guide book this publication is available via the links in the references. Terrestrial palynostratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous (Santonian) to lowermost Paleocene of southern Alberta, Canada Article in Palynology 42(1) June with 77 Reads How we measure 'reads'.

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Upper Cretaceous–Paleocene conifer woods from Big Bend National Park, Texas Article in Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology (3) October with 93 Reads. Harebell Formation (Upper Cretaceous) and Pinyon Conglomerate (Uppermost Cretaceous and Paleocene), Northwestern Wyoming Love, J.

D., Website or Online Data - AFT cooling ages for the upper Campanian Price River Formation are ± Ma in the lower part of the formation and ± Ma higher up in the section. The Maastrichtian to Paleocene North Horn Formation, which is separated from the Price River Formation by an angular unconformity, has an AFT age of ± Ma.

UPPER CRETACEOUS AND PALEOCENE TURBIDITES, CENTRAL CALIFORNIA COAST (Annual Meeting Pacific Section SEPM Field Trip 6) Editor VIRGIL FRIZZELL Cover photo: Paleocene strata at Point San Pedro are overturned to the southwest. Published by The Pacific Section Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists UB/TIB Hannover.

The Late Cretaceous to late Paleocene record of glycymeridid bivalves in the region extending from the Alaska Peninsula, southward to Baja California, Mexico is studied in detail for the first time. Glycymeris pacifica (Anderson, ), of late Cenomanian to late Turonian age, is the earliest known glycymeridid in the study area.

Very locally, it is found with the middle to late Turonian Cited by: 3. The Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) extinction event, also known as the Cretaceous–Tertiary (K–T) extinction, was a sudden mass extinction of some three-quarters of the plant and animal species on Earth, approximately 66 million years ago.

With the exception of some ectothermic species such as the leatherback sea turtle and crocodiles, no tetrapods weighing more than 25 kilograms (55 lb.

Robert E. Sloan, "Paleocene and latest Cretaceous mammal ages, biozones, magnetozones, rates of sedimentation, and evolution", The Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in the San Juan and Raton Basins, New Mexico and Colorado, James E.


Finn. Table of Contents. Created Date. Walter Alvarez, "A review of the Earth history record in the Cretaceous, Paleogene, and Neogene pelagic carbonates of the Umbria-Marche Apennines (Italy): Twenty-five years of the Geological Observatory of Coldigioco", Million Years of Earth History in Central Italy: Celebrating 25 Years of the Geological Observatory of Coldigioco, Christian Koeberl, David M.

Bice. Stratigraphic Sections of Cody Shale and Younger Cretaceous and Paleocene Rocks in the Wind River Basin, Fremont County, Wyoming - USGS Map OC 49 [Yenne, Keith A.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Stratigraphic Sections of Cody Shale and Younger Cretaceous and Paleocene Rocks in the Wind River Basin, Fremont CountyAuthor: Keith A.

Yenne. At Site U (41°25′30″N, 49°48′″W), three cores were drilled in the seafloor of the Southeast Newfoundland Ridge at a present-day water depth of m ().The U sediment cores consist of Upper Cretaceous and Paleocene sediments of – m Cited by: 1.

The Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene pisolithic paleosols of southern France and central-southern Sardinia show comparable structure and composition, were formed under similar climatic conditions and may be considered remnants of the same pedogenetic phase (Murru et al., ).

In fact, paleosols with characteristics indicating warm and humid Cited by: 4. Geology of Switzerland, A guide-book, Part A: An Outline of the Geology of Switzerland, pp.

80 Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene magnetic stratigraphy at Gubbio, Italy — III. Upper Cretaceous magnetic stratigraphy, Bull. geol. Soc. Am.,Cited by: Upper Cretaceous Paleocene Eocene MAP SYMBOLS GEOLOGIC FORMATIONS WITH LOW RADON POTENTIAL GEOLOGIC FORMATIONS WITH MODERATE TO HIGH RADON POTENTIAL Tsr Tmq Tvt Tht Kt Kns Kml Kmt Kmv 4 selected areas in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania and guide book of excursions: Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, N.

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J., p. Books and Monographs Received Through June Ecology, Vol. 89, Issue. 11, p. Cited by: Far-traveled latest Cretaceous–Paleocene conglomerates of the Southern nial Field Guide—Rocky Mountain Section, Volume 2: Geological Society of America, p.

– in the Upper Cretaceous of the Book Cliffs, Utah-Col-orado: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 66,File Size: 1MB. The Late Cretaceous (–66 Ma) is the younger of two epochs into which the Cretaceous geological period is divided in the geologic time scale.

Rock strata from this epoch form the Upper Cretaceous Cretaceous is named after the white limestone known as chalk which occurs widely in northern France and is seen in the white cliffs of south-eastern England, and which dates from this. Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene stratigraphy and mineral resources of southwestern Manitoba (parts of NTS 62F, G) J.D.

Bamburak and M.P.B. Nicolas Click on titles to download PDFs of each guidebook. Evolution of the Thompson Nickel Belt, Manitoba: Setting of Ni-Cu Deposits in the Western Part of the Circum Superior Boundary Zone.

"Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene stratigraphy and vertebrate paleontology in the Zaysan Basin, Kazakhstan." Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 41A.

Emry, Robert J.

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and Korth, W. Stratigraphy and chronology of Upper Cretaceous-lower Paleogene strata in Bolivia and northwest Argentina &,'@[email protected] c T. Seinpere Dipartement T.O.A., Orstonz, rue Lafayette, O Paris, France R. Butler::' } Department of Geosciences, Univeiaity.

Field Trip Guide Book - B05 Florence - Italy AugustPre-Congress B05 32nd INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGICAL CONGRESS THE PALEOZOIC BASEMENT THROUGH THE MA HISTORY OF THE NORTHERN APENNINES Leader: E. Pandeli Associate Leaders: F.A. Decandia, M. Tongiorgi Volume n° 1 - from PR01 to B OF Geology of Upper Cretaceous, Paleocene and Eocene Strata in the Southwestern Denver Basin, Colorado $ Add to cart RS Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on the Geology of Rocky Mountain Coal, Field Trip Guide Book - P38 Florence - Italy AugustPost-Congress P38 32nd INTERNATIONAL Upper Oligocene.

During the Oligocene-Miocene a Cretaceous-Paleocene silici-clastic turbiditic sequence (Lavagna slates, Gottero sandstones and. This study was carried out to compare the seasonal variation in the concentration of elements in fountain water samples, collected from Yozgat province and its surroundings.

The study area comprises of lower Eocene Topcu Formation and the upper Cretaceous — Paleocene Yozgat batholith Formation.

A study of the physical and chemical properties of the water samples show that Author: Vugar Ali Turksoy, Serdar Deniz, Lutfiye Tutkun, Gullu Kirat. Upper Cretaceous +/- Paleocene multistage igneous complexes, and located within a narrow basin of rift-graben structure, filled by sedimentary and volcano-sedimentary rocks, mainly of the Upper Cretaceous age.

This basin is, at present, km wide and over km long. It can be traced from Majdanpek in the north, to the Black sea in the Size: 2MB. New Mexico Geological Society, Field Conference, Bth, Guide- book, p. -Dinosaurs in the San Juan Basin may have survived the event that resulted in creation of an iridium-enriched zone near the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary: Geological Society of America Special Paperp.

PETROGRAPHIC AND SEDIMENTOLOGICAL STUDY OF THE CRETACEOUS-PALEOCENE SEQUENCE OF HOLE D Maurice Bourbon, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, 60, Boulevard Saint Michel - Paris, Ce France INTRODUCTION The aim of this paper is to report the results of a petrographic study of thin sections of Cretaceous and.

Eberth DA, Deino A. New 40Ar/39Ar ages from three bentonites in the Bearpaw, Horseshoe Canyon, and Scollard formations (Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene) of southern Alberta, Canada.

Dinosaur Park Symposium: Short papers, abstracts, and program Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Drumheller, Alberta. pp. 23– Eberth DA, Deino AL.In general, the Upper Cretaceous–Paleocene strata of Salinia depict an up-section deepen-ing and retrogradation of facies (Grove, ), which is further supported by the recognized northeastward onlap of progressively younger strata within the Upper Cretaceous–Paleocene succession.

Scapherpetids are known from the Upper Cretaceous, Paleocene and Eocene and they’re mostly known from fragments (vertebrae and partial mandibles). the .